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Please contact one of the following representatives for more information on your program of interest.

Administration, Supervision & Leadership; Technology Programs (M.S. & Graduate Certificate)
  •      Liesl McNeal, Sr. Academic Program Coordinator [email protected] (443) 927-0146
Counseling & Human Development Programs (M.S. & Post Master’s Certificate)
Doctoral Programs
  • Raven Minervino, Sr. Academic Program Administrator for Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Doctor of Education [email protected] (443) 927-0150
  • Rachel Gibbons, Academic Program Coordinator for Doctor of Education [email protected]
Education in the Health Professions Programs (M.Ed. & Post Master’s Certificate)
Gifted Education Programs (M.S. & Graduate Certificate)
Interdisciplinary Programs (M.S. Educational Studies [Interdisciplinary & Independent Schools Options] & Mind, Brain & Teaching and Urban Education Graduate Certificates)


  • Liesl McNeal, Sr. Academic Program Coordinator for Master of Science in Education- Interdisciplinary Study [email protected] (443) 927-0146
  • Camilla Mika Simms, Sr. Academic Program Administrator for Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching [email protected] (410) 927-0145
  • Jennifer Fordham, Academic Program Coordinator for Graduate Certificate in Urban Education [email protected] (410) 927-0154
International Teaching and Global Leadership (ITGL) Cohort
Special Education Programs (M.S. & Graduate Certificate)
Teach For America/TNTP Programs (M.S.)
MS in Education Policy

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