Annual Data

The culture of assessment is based on continuous improvement that parallels the SOE’s focus on scholarship and research.

Assessment ensures that students learn
Assessment data provide evidence of the achievement of each individual learner when measured against established acceptable and established benchmarks. Each learner’s performance is measured through targeted assessment and is benchmarked against learning objectives derived from SOE Mission, Vision, Core Values, professional standards, state standards, and program goals. Assessment results and outcomes are analyzed and evaluated in order to monitor student learning attainment and provide indicators that guide and support learning experiences and achievements.

Assessment ensures that courses and programs are effective
The analyses of assessment data indicate course effectiveness and inform course improvement and development as well as feedback for individual learners and programs. Assessments are designed to provide evidence of candidate learning in relation to the objectives and outcomes associated with each course that are drawn from program level objectives and outcomes. Similarly, attainment of learning across all courses in a program provides evidence of program effectiveness in guiding and achieving stated learning outcomes. On a holistic level, evidence of program effectiveness and data collection and analysis from programs across the unit provide and guide unit level improvement and effectiveness.

Assessment ensures that professional standards are met
Assessment results provide evidence that professional standards and discipline-specific standards are effectively addressed and that candidates demonstrate achievement of the standards relative to their learning goals. Assessment to demonstrate accountability and mastery of required standards is an important reason to assess learning accomplishments. Measures of learning assure external constituents (such as potential candidates, trustees, public officials, supporters, and accreditors) that the organization is meeting its goals.

Assessment ensures that the SOE mission, vision, and core values are addressed
Mission, vision, and core values define what the SOE aspire to implement in affecting change and values in the community, and specifically in its own student body. Assessment analyses provide evidence that learning outcomes across programs align with the SOE’s mission, vision, and core values as defined.