Our Vision

Creating and Translating Knowledge for Impact

A Strategic Vision for the Johns Hopkins School of Education

The most important aspect of our vision is our people: students, staff, faculty, and leadership. As a community, we are committed to attracting and retaining a diverse, world-class faculty and staff. We believe in working collaboratively to cultivate a productive, supportive culture, which includes recruiting and promoting candidates from diverse backgrounds and inspiring our community to foster a positive environment.

The schools, organizations, and communities we serve are confronting complex, far-reaching problems. Some are long-standing; others have exploded only recently into our collective consciousness. More than ever, it is clear that these challenges will require deep, empirically informed change.

  • Students and clients increasingly are being diagnosed with mental health disorders, challenging educators to move beyond an emphasis on academic achievement to one addressing mental health and social-emotional well-being.
  • States and districts are experimenting with policy approaches that emphasize entrepreneurial solutions to school safety and early childhood education, and for-profit startups are competing with nonprofit, traditional providers.
  • Education occurs in a context of growing societal and racial inequity—particularly in cities like Baltimore. Through our operation of the Henderson-Hopkins School, we have seen how local challenges reflect global ones.
  • Research funders and consumers of research are requiring more rigorous studies that demonstrate the capacity to change practice at scale and make a lasting, positive impact.
  • As the challenges and their solutions become more complex, securing financial resources requires more innovation and responsiveness.

Building on the Johns Hopkins School of Education’s distinctive strength as a global research leader with a local commitment, as well as its innovative academic programs, research centers, and entrepreneurial spirit, our vision positions the school to address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities they create.

Together, we deliver world-class research, academic programs, and services that address the constantly evolving needs of the people and organizations we serve, training leaders capable of creating and utilizing cutting-edge knowledge and creating innovative, evidence-based policies, methods, and products to address the challenges these organizations face.