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Graduation 2013
  • Friends and family gather at the Ralph S. O'Connor Recreation Center to watch the class of 2013 graduate from the SOE
  • Prior to SOE’s commencement ceremony, commencement speaker Wes Moore met with seventh grade boys from the Commodore John Rogers Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore, who were reading his book “The Other Wes Moore.”  SOE graduate Michael Glenwick ’13, who teaches Spanish at Commodore John Rogers, took a mentoring role with some of the students in his advisory group and encouraged them to read the book.  Wes became an inspiration to them and they were thrilled that Glenwick arranged for a visit with their role model.
  • Students hugged and greeted prior to walking across the 'stage' to shake hands with Dean David Andrews
  • Student speaker Eduardo Caldera prepares to speak at the ceremony. Due to the change in venue, his remarks were unfortunately omitted from the evening's event.
  • Many sported decorated caps for the occasion.
  • Each student was able to have a moment on the balcony after shaking Dean Andrews' hand and being announced for the crowd below.
  • Many took advantage of this moment in the spotlight...
  • ... to do some silly things for their friends and family below
  • Friends and family seemed to enjoy most of it...
  • Carlos Mora's service animal Kirsch, who received an honorary M.S. in Counseling degree.
  • Student speaker Eduardo Caldera
  • Dean David Andrews (right) and commencement speaker Wes Moore
  • When the ceremony was complete, Mr. Moore spent a great deal of time meeting and chatting with the graduating students.
  • Dean Andrews and Wes Moore with Carlos Mora and Kirsch after the ceremony was completed.

Stormy weather may have moved things inside at the last minute, but the School of Education celebrated its commencement on Thursday, May 23rd 2013 with the typical pomp, circumstance, hugs and photos from within the cosy confines of the Ralph S. O'Connor Recreation Center, where graduates walked the track to receive their honors while their families watched from the basketball courts below.

Several hundreds received recognition over the course of the evening, receiving degrees in education, counseling, public safety leadership and a myriad of certificates. The change from an outdoor venue to the indoor one shortened the speech portion of the evening, which saw renowned Hopkins alum and television personality Wes Moore address the crowd below on the values of education. Student speaker Eduardo Caldera, a clinical community counseling graduate, did not speak at the event, but his remarks are available here.

The SOE also had a special graduate, as the final pair to walk the stage on Thursday were Carlos Mora - receiving his M.S. in Counseling - and his service dog Kirsch, who was awarded an honorary degree himself for having attended all of Carlos' classes.

Congratulations to the SOE's Class of 2013!

Selected images from the commencement are at the top of this page, the full 500-plus photo gallery from the day's events is available via SOE's flickr account below:


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