Henderson-Hopkins Emergency Programming Fund

Since its COVID-19-related closure on March 15, Henderson-Hopkins teachers and staff have had to reinvent the school into a remote learning organization in just a few short weeks, including:

  • Making available 437 laptops to students
  • Launching live online instruction
  • Distributing more than 20,000 pounds of food to more than 1,000 families
  • Establishing a hotline for families with health questions

While the school has been able to repurpose some of its existing budget to meet urgent needs, many more resources will be needed in the weeks ahead to keep students engaged, healthy, and on track for success.

Henderson-Hopkins Emergency Programming Fund

Help sustain our partnership school through the COVID-19 crisis—and beyond.

About the Fund

The Johns Hopkins School of Education has established the Henderson-Hopkins Emergency Programming Fund to support the urgent needs of this elementary/middle school—and its families and community—in adjusting to and emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Operated by the School of Education in partnership with Morgan State University as a contract school of the Baltimore City Public Schools system, Henderson-Hopkins opened in 2014 as East Baltimore’s first new school in more than 20 years. Its educational programs and shared community spaces serve a growing population of families living and working in and around Eager Park, an 88-acre community revitalization project. Every dollar contributed to this special fund will go toward Henderson-Hopkins learning activities and community support.




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The challenge is that East Baltimore is a food desert, and many of our families are food insecure. So this was the driving thing keeping me up at night: How are my families going to get fed during this challenging time?

Peter Kannam
Principal, Henderson-Hopkins