ProvenTutoring is an initiative that provides practitioners with information on systems of tutoring that have high quality research studies that demonstrate their impact on student achievement.

The goal is to make this information easy to find and use to enable educators to select and implement strong models to meet their students’ needs. Co-founded by Bob Slavin and Nancy Madden, ProvenTutoring launched its website, in Spring 2021 to help schools address a widening achievement gap due to the pandemic and longstanding inequities. In addition to the website, ProvenTutoring has built a coalition of providers of proven models and national partners committed to educational equity, and is working to support and sustain evidence-based tutoring in the following ways:

  • Promoting the adoption of research-proven models;
  • Developing capacity at the state level to advance the use of evidence in state and local decision making around tutoring;
  • Supporting schools and providers in planning for implementation; and
  • Guiding tutoring providers in developing replicable, scalable models and generating high-quality evidence of effectiveness.

Our Resources

A free, web-based resource for educators that offers in depth information on research-proven models in reading and mathematics

The ProvenTutoring Coalition

A group of tutoring providers that disseminate research-proven models and are committed to supporting schools with implementation and evaluation

The ProvenTutoring Team


Nancy Madden, PhD

Amanda Neitzel, PhD

Director of Outreach and Engagement

Jen Krajewski

Research Associates

Cynthia Lake

Nathan Storey

Project Support

Susan Davis

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