Failure (F) Grade

An “F” (failure) grade indicates the student’s failure to complete satisfactorily the work of the course. No grade of “F” may be counted toward a graduate degree or certificate. If the course in which the “F” is received is not required for graduation, it need not be repeated. However, if the course is required, it must be repeated. If the required course involves laboratory work, both the lecture and laboratory work must be repeated, unless the instructor grants permission for a student to retake only one of these course components when repeating the required course. In all cases in which an “F” grade was received, the failing grade will remain on the transcript and will be calculated into the grade point average, unless the course is repeated. (Per the School of Education’s Repeated Courses policy, when a course is repeated, both the original F and repeated course grades appear on the academic record; however, only the repeated course grade is used in calculating the grade point average.)