Tuition Refund from Dropped or Cancelled Courses

Students who become eligible to receive a refund as a result of a dropped or cancelled course will be refunded according to the original method of payment. Please allow four to six weeks to receive your refund. All fees are non-refundable unless a course is cancelled and this is the only course for which you are registered.

Students who paid their tuition by wire transfer or Western Union will be refunded in the form of a check, unless otherwise requested.

JHU employees who used their tuition remission benefits and drop a course will have the remission benefit 100% reversed. Tuition remission does not cover tuition costs from courses not completed. Please see the JHU Human Resources website for more information.

Sponsors/employers who pay tuition will be refunded if a course is dropped or cancelled. The employer will only be refunded the amount of the tuition minus any penalties.

Financial Aid Refund

Once all tuition and fees have been covered by financial aid, students are eligible to receive a refund of the excess aid that remains on their account. If you do not wish to receive a refund, please contact Financial Aid through SEAM’s online form. Our school may deliver your refund through BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. More information can be found on BankMobile Disbursements Refund Choices webpage.

AmeriCorps Stipend Refund

Once the stipend has been received by the University and posted to your student account, a refund will be requested after all tuition and fees have been covered in full.