At the Center for Technology in Education, we change lives through knowledge that matters. 

We believe that thoughtful, person-centered technology makes education more inclusive and accessible, which in turn improves the lives of all people. Since its launch in 1986, in collaboration with the Maryland State Department of Education, CTE has designed, developed, and implemented technology-enhanced solutions to address a wide range of challenges in educational and work settings across the globe.

Committed to staying on top of emerging trends and meeting our audience where they are, we build and use innovative tools to expand knowledge and solve real-world problems. With an inclusive, learner-centered approach, we create technology that transforms practice and promotes success for individuals of all abilities.

In the community, our team is on the ground in learning settings, classrooms, and schools to help ensure our programs are implemented with fidelity. Our culture of research and learning targets continuous improvement, with ongoing efforts to explore new avenues of access, build partnerships, and share our expertise.