COVID-19 Student Updates

 JHU School of Education building

Page Updated: 12/2/2021

The Johns Hopkins School of Education has moved to Phase 3 of its reopening plan and is substantially back to normal this fall. Major changes include:

  • Masking is required indoors, regardless of vaccination status. More information
  • FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccination is required for all faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate and graduate students working or studying at a U.S.-based campus or worksite. More information
  • Flu vaccination is required for all affiliates; proof of vaccination must be uploaded by Dec 3. More information
  • Daily Prodensity health checks are requiredMore information
  • Once-weekly COVID testing is required for all vaccinated undergraduate and graduate students; twice-weekly testing is required for all unvaccinated affiliates. More information
  • Classes and indoor events with fewer than 50 people are permitted, with capacity restriction exceptions made on a case-by-case basis; food and drink are permitted at outdoor events. More information
  • Fully remote individuals, including staff and online students who are working or studying 100% remotely, are exempt from the vaccination mandate, but they should change their status in Prodensity to indicate that they will not be coming on campus. If plans change and an individual has to come on campus, work on-site, or participate in a JHU-sponsored residency or field study, they must be vaccinated or have an approved exception. More information

Please reach out to your instructors or Teri Murray, our director of student affairs, at, or call 410-516-5430, if you need assistance.

SOE 2021 Academic Schedule and Classes


The School of Education is offering courses in online and in-person formats, and all courses have been updated in SIS.

SOE 2021 Financial Aid and Billing


  • The Financial Aid Office aims to make applying for financial aid as seamless as possible.
  • For questions related to student eligibility, please visit our Financial Aid Fact Sheet. More information


SOE 2021 Campus Operations


  • Given the rise in COVID-19 cases in Maryland associated with the delta variant, the university is reinstating its indoor masking mandate, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Be sure to download and use Prodensity mobile app or use website for daily health checks. The university will continue to use the Prodensity app to monitor compliance with JHU COVID safety policies, including the vaccination mandate.
  • If you are a fully online student or an employee working on a 100% remote basis, or you do not plan to visit JHU campus or travel on behalf of JHU, go to Prodensity and set your status to “Off-campus” so that you no longer receive reminder emails. Other than resetting your campus status, no other action is required.
  • If you plan to come to the Education Building or use facilities on Homewood campus, you must follow the School of Education’s COVID-19 testing protocol.
SOE 2021 COVID-19 Testing Protocol


  • Once-weekly COVID testing is required for all vaccinated undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Twice-weekly testing will be required for all unvaccinated faculty, students, and staff.
  • Optional testing will remain available for all Johns Hopkins affiliates.
  • You can find information about testing site locations and schedules on the university’s Coronavirus Information Diagnostic Testing webpage.
  • In order to participate in testing, you must enroll in MyChartYou must have an active MyChart account to schedule COVID-19 asymptomatic tests and to retrieve your test results. Please refer to the MyChart Tip Sheet for step-by-step instructions. Every week you plan to be on campus, schedule a COVID test.
SOE 2021 Services, Events, and Gatherings


  • Classes and indoor events with fewer than 50 people are permitted, with capacity restriction exceptions made on a case-by-case basis; food and drink are permitted at outdoor events.
  • Students participating in on-campus commencement ceremonies and events must comply with the JHU vaccination mandate and must have received either an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccination or an approved medical or religious exception prior to coming on-campus, even if they were fully “online” students during their course of study.
SOE 2021 Student Disabilities Services

The SOE Student Disability Services office continues to be fully remote.

  • Starting immediately, the best way to reach SDS will be by email at
  • Intakes and any other appointments will be available by Zoom or phone and can be scheduled during business hours from 8:30am to 5pm.

SDS is continuing to work with registered SDS students to ensure that the transition to remote classes is effective. This process will involve many changes in a short amount of time and there are some things you can do to make sure your needs are addressed:

  • SDS has been collaborating with instructional design staff in providing guidance around accommodations to those assisting with setting up the remote courses as well as to all faculty who currently have students using accommodations.
  • With the move to remote course delivery, there may be a learning curve for new technologies as well as potential new challenges in delivering accommodations; please reach out to SDS to talk things through, report problems and let us know if you need additional accommodations or support.

Students may discover that accommodations are needed for the first time due to the change to remote classes. Please to get started with the SDS registration process. Any appointments or meetings with the SDS office such as intake interviews will happen remotely or by phone. If you need additional support during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out so that SDS can assist you in sorting out any disability related concerns and connecting to appropriate local resources. You can also find resources and updated information on the university’s operations and response on our Hub COVID-19 Information Page We wish you all the best in the coming weeks! Johns Hopkins Student Disability Services.

Student Emergency Fund

SOE Student Suggestion Box

As we move forward as a community to address COVID-19-challenges and to plan for the Fall semester, please submit your suggestions, ideas, and/or thoughts about Fall classes. Your input is valuable and appreciated.