J-Card Services


A J-Card is the official university identification card. It is the student ID card, your library card, and an access card to buildings at the Homewood campus. Funds can be added to the card to use printers at the SOE campuses.

Online Form Available for J-cards (Student ID)

The J-card office now has an online request form.  Both in-person and on-line students may complete this form for a student ID. This card will allow you to receive student discounts at retail establishments. At the JHU campuses, you will have access to the buildings, printers, and it serves as your library card! Please visit http://tinyurl.com/jcardrequest to complete the online Jcard form. If you have any questions, email jcard@jhu.edu or call 410-516-5121. Students may also go to any SOE building to complete the Jcard form.

To replace a lost or stolen J-Card, complete the appropriate form (available at all centers) and return it to any center/campus reception area with $20. Check the ID Card Office for more information.