Continuing JHU Student Enrollment

Students must request certification each semester after they register if they want to use veteran benefits for tuition and fees, including the graduation fee. Students receiving veteran’s benefits must pursue a program of courses that lead to the exact objective (a specific degree or certificate) indicated on the original VA application. Any change in program requires submission of a Request for Change of Program (VA Form 22-1995).

Veterans are certified on a per semester basis. Failure to submit a request each semester will result in a presumption that benefits are not being sought for that term. An emailed request can be sent to

As a final step, log into SIS Self-Service, click the Billing tab, select Third Party Billing, and choose U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Next, read the Student Acknowledgement Section and check the box to acknowledge and sign. Click submit.

Note: Students utilizing VA education benefits must let the Certifying Official know immediately of any change in their status or program that might affect the amount of their payment from the VA.