Health Insurance Benefits

The Johns Hopkins School of Education offers full and part-time certificate and degree-seeking students health, dental, and vision insurance coverage once enrolled in classes for the semester.

It is university policy that all full-time students maintain adequate health insurance coverage to provide protection against unexpected accidents and illnesses. All students enrolled in full-time programs and currently without health insurance coverage should enroll in the Johns Hopkins University Student Health Benefit plan.

Students with pre-existing health insurance coverage can choose not to enroll in the university plan.

International Students with an F-1 or J-1 Visa status are required to purchase the university plan and will be automatically enrolled.

The University Plan

The university plan is administered by Wellfleet, which has contracted with Cigna’s network of providers. The annual coverage period is August 15, 2022, to August 14, 2023. Please note that this is an annual plan with only one enrollment period.  

Please note that students admitted into the Master of Science in Education/Urban Teachers collaboration program have a different enrollment deadline and coverage period from other SOE students.

Students can enroll in the plan via SIS Self-Service (look for the “Personal Info” tab and then select “Health Insurance”). Coverage will automatically renew for the spring once a student enrolls in spring semester courses. Students are billed for the premium on their SIS student account and are subject to the payment guidelines of Student Accounts unless other payment arrangements have been made. Coverage for eligible dependents is available at an additional cost.

Plan Details

Details about the student health benefit plan offered by the University are provided in the following documents:

For students in the Urban Teachers partnership program:

For all other School of Education students:

To locate the nearest hospital or health care provider who is part of the Cigna PPO Network, visit the Wellfleet website.

For information regarding the new vision plan and dental plan options available to students, please visit the Student Health Benefits Plan page on the JHU benefits site, or contact

Additional resources and cost of coverage can also be found on the JHU benefits website.

It is the student’s responsibility to be an informed consumer, know how the plan works, benefits, providers, payment responsibility, etc. Please note that Wellfleet Student is the insurer, while Cigna is the provider. All plan questions should be directed to Wellfleet, not Cigna, within posted business hours. For more detailed information about the insurance plan or if your academic program does not begin in the fall, visit the Wellfleet website.

If Your Current Non-JHU Insurance Coverage Is Ending

Currently enrolled students whose existing non-JHU health insurance coverage is ending can enroll in the Johns Hopkins University Student Health Benefit plan due to a qualifying life event before the published enrollment date by submitting a copy of the termination letter from their current insurance carrier through SEAM’s online form. New coverage is available beginning the 15th of each month and continues until the next regular enrollment date.

ID Cards

A copy of your Wellfleet insurance ID card will be available to print through SIS at the start of the plan period.