Employer Contracts


If an employer is paying for all or part of a student’s tuition, please note the following:

  • Students must submit a purchase order or contract from their employer authorizing Johns Hopkins University to bill their employer directly for tuition and any associated fees.
  • If the contract does not cover the entire cost of tuition and fees, the student is required to pay the remaining balance.
  • Students can choose to receive an electronic bill or enroll in the monthly payment plan to cover any additional costs for tuition and associated fees.
  • A faxed copy of the student’s employer contract is acceptable. (Fax to 410-516-9721)
  • If a student’s employer pays the student directly for tuition expenses, that student is required to pay tuition and fees directly to the School of Education and seek reimbursement from his/her employer. (Students can enroll in the monthly payment plan or choose to be electronically billed.)