Registration and Enrollment


Only students who have been admitted to a program (or as a Graduate Special Student) may register for courses.

Students are encouraged to register for courses as early as possible during each registration period since a course may close or be canceled due to low enrollment before the end of registration.

Students may not sit in on a class without being officially registered for that class, nor should they contact instructors to request permission to register for or attend a closed course. Students who fail to complete their registration and sit in on a class will not receive a grade or credit for attending class.

Registration opens several months before each semester begins (see Registration Calendar below). Students who have been admitted to a program may register for courses online using the School of Education’s SIS Self-Service website at, which is available 24 hours a day. Registration materials may also be brought to any campus center or to the Office of the Registrar at the Columbia Center. When registering online, by mail, or by fax, students may choose to pay then or be electronically billed (see Student Accounts for more information). 

When initially registering for courses each semester, students will be charged tuition fees and a non-refundable $175 registration fee. Following the initial course registration, students may register for additional courses without being subject to any additional course registration fees.

January intersession is considered a separate semester from the fall and spring semesters. However, students may register for the January intersession at the same time they register for spring semester courses, and one registration fee covers both semesters.

Registrations are processed as they are received. If a selected course is full, a student may be placed in an alternate course.

Please refer to the links below or contact the Office of the Registrar for any specific questions regarding registration.


Listed below are master’s level courses being offered for the Spring 2019 term that are available as electives. Please consult with your advisor if you have questions.


ED.810.660.61 Teacher as Thinker and Writer
ED.813.651.9A Intro to Education Budgeting
ED.813.652.9A Intro to Global Education
ED.840.601.91 Mathematical Foundations in the pre-K Class
ED.840.670.91 Advanced Methods in the Elem STEM Class
ED.851.603.91. 92 AND 03 School Law
ED.851.705.91. 92, 93, 94 and 95 Effective Leadership
ED.851.512.91, 92 and 93 Politics of Education
ED.871.501.91 Intro to Children and Youth with Exceptionalities
ED.871.502.91 Educational Alternatives
ED.871.510.91 Legal Aspects, Service Systems and Current Issues
ED.885.604.91 Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted
ED.885.501.91 The Gifted Learners
ED.885.512.91 Twice Exceptional Learners
ED.893.508.9A Technology and Science of Learning
ED.893.628.9A Gaming and Media Design
ED.893.632.9A Data Driven Decision Making
ED.893.645.9A Designing and Delivering Online
ED.705.605.9A Ethics, Integrity and Resp of Leaders
ED.705.615.9A Leading and Managing Change
ED.705.635.9A Leadership and Organizational Behavior
ED.705.700.9A Individual and Group Dynamics
ED.705.718.9A Strategic Planning
ED.880.603.01 Educating the Whole Child
ED.880.611.01 The Social Context of Urban Education
ED.880.613.61 Teaching, Learning and Leadership for Successful Urban Schools


2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Summer Semester 2018
April 1Financial aid priority filing date for 2018 summer semester
March 27 – May 29 Registration period for 2018 summer semester
May 29Last day to submit graduation application for 2018 summer semester
May 30 2018 Summer Semester/Summer Session I begins
July 2Date upon which any I (incomplete) grade recorded in SIS for the 2018 spring semester and May session is automatically replaced by an F grade on a student’s academic transcript.
Scholarship deadline for PSL students.
July 4Fourth of July holiday; no classes held
July 11Summer Session I ends
July 16Summer Session II begins
August 252018 Summer Semester/Summer Session II ends
December 22Date upon which any I (incomplete) grade recorded in SIS for the 2018 summer semester is automatically replaced by an F grade on a student’s academic transcript
Fall Semester 2018
June 1Financial aid priority filing date for 2018 fall semester
June 26 – August 26 Registration period for 2018 fall semester
August 27Last day to submit graduation application for 2018 fall semester
August 272018 fall semester classes begin
September 3Labor Day holiday; no classes held
November 19 – 25Thanksgiving Break; no classes held
December 16 – 22Final examination period for 16-week fall classes
December 22Last day of 2018 fall semester
February 15Scholarship deadline for full-time programs and new students
May 13Date upon which any I (incomplete) grade recorded in SIS for the 2018 fall semester and 2019 January Intersession is automatically replaced by an F grade on a student’s academic transcript
January Intersession 2019
October 30Registration begins for 2019 January Intersession and 2019 spring semester
January 2 - 192019 January Intersession
Spring Semester 2019
October 30 – January 21Registration period for 2019 January intersession and 2019 spring semester
November 1Financial aid priority filing date for 2019 spring semester
January 18Last day to submit graduation application for 2019 spring semester
January 21Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday; no classes held
January 222019 spring semester classes begin
March 15Scholarship deadline for EdD students
April 1Financial aid priority filing date for 2019 summer semester. Scholarship deadline for all programs, except PSL and EdD
May 7 – 13Final examination period for 16-week spring classes
May 13Last day of 2019 spring semester
May 22#colespan#SOE Baltimore Graduation Ceremont
May 23University-wide Commencement
August 2019Date upon which any I (incomplete) grade recorded in SIS for the 2019 spring semester is automatically replaced by an F grade on a student’s academic transcript
June 9#colespan#SOE Destination Graduation Ceremony
Notes:Registration for January Intersession will start on October 30, when spring registration begins.
May session has been eliminated.

Please note: Not all cohort students are allowed to register using the SIS self-service system. For information on how to register in those circumstances, please contact your cohort coordinator.


To log into SIS in order to register for courses, you must use your JHED login ID, which is assigned to you upon your admission to the SOE. If you do not know this login ID, you can search for yourself on the JHED website, which contains further instructions for setting up your account and password.

Student Email Accounts

Students are also required to set up and use their email account.Instructions are available in our Student Services section. All students will need their JHU email account in order to register for classes.  The University sends all correspondence to a student’s JHU email account, so it is important for students to both activate and monitor this email account. 


Registration can only be performed by students who have been admitted to a graduate degree or certificate program. Those waiting for their admissions status to be determined may search our Online Course Schedule to view course offerings by semester.

Please note that in the event of extraordinary circumstances, the School of Education may change the normal academic schedule and/or make appropriate changes to course structure, format, and delivery. In the event such changes become necessary, information will be posted on the School of Education web site.

Note: Students should use their student JHED ID number to register for courses. All outstanding debts to Johns Hopkins University must be paid in full in order to register for courses.

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