Graduation Application and Eligibility


2019-20 Graduation Application and Eligibility

A student who expects to receive a degree or certificate must have applied for graduation by the deadlines below. All students, regardless of whether or not they plan to attend the ceremonies, need to apply in order to receive graduation approval and complete separate applications for each degree and/or certificate.

Students who are planning to graduate must also complete all coursework on time and should not request or receive the grade of I (Incomplete) during their final semester. (Note: School of Education records are sealed thirty (30) days after the conferral of a degree. After this date, no changes will be made to a student’s academic record. Therefore, it is imperative that students verify all information on their academic record and request any corrections be made before this date.)

Students who have submitted the application for graduation will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Their names are placed on the tentative graduation list for the semester in which they anticipate completing their degree requirements.

Please Note: If you are receiving a graduate or post-master’s certificate only, your diploma will be mailed directly to you after your conferral date. You will not be invited to the commencement ceremonies; however, you may attend as a guest.

Apply for graduation online through our Student Information System

  • Go to the Registration menu
  • Select Program of Study Information
  • Click on “Apply for Graduation” next to the program(s) that you are applying to graduate from

Deadlines for Academic Year 2019-20

  • Summer 2019  – deadline May 30, 2019  (conferral date, August 23, 2019)
  • Fall 2019 – deadline August 26, 2019  (conferral date, December 30, 2019)
  • Spring 2020 – deadline January 21, 2020 (conferral date, May 21, 2020)

Graduation Application Fee

  • $175

Please Note: If you are applying for both a degree and certificate(s) you pay only the fee for the degree OR if you are applying for more than one certificate you pay the fee for the certificate once. This applies only to candidates applying for both a degree and certificate or more than one certificate in the same academic year.

Please Note: In order to graduate and receive a diploma for completion of a degree or certificate program, students must first have applied to and been admitted into that same program(s) prior to applying to graduate.

Please Note: All diplomas will be mailed to our graduates after the graduation ceremonies are complete. However, if you are receiving a graduate or post-master’s certificate only, you will also not be eligible to participate in those ceremonies. You may, however, attend as a guest.