Register for Disability Services

Registering for Disability Services at the School of Education

1. Contact the SOE Disability Services Office
You must first contact the Student Disability Services (SDS) Office to start the procedures in registering for disability services. Registration forms will be sent to you after initial contact with SDS.

2. Complete the Registration Forms
Complete the registration forms and return with your documentation (see below documentation guidelines) to SDS via email or mail or drop off your documents in person (mark envelop as confidential) to the following address:

Jenny Eddinger
SOE Student Disability Services
2800 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

3. Send Documentation
To establish eligibility for services and determine the most appropriate accommodations in an academic setting, professional documentation is required including an evaluation and diagnosis of the disability from a qualified professional.

Documentation in the form of a letter on letterhead with his/her credentials and the following information:

  • Diagnosis
  • History of condition
  • Chronicity of condition
  • Functional limitations
  • Impact on academic setting
  • Treatment
  • Recommendations for accommodations

Or a provider may complete the documentation verification form which can be obtained through the SDS office upon request.  If you received accommodations from a previous educational institution, you may also submit those documents for consideration.

General Documentation Guidelines
Johns Hopkins University acknowledges that once a person is diagnosed as having a disability the disability may be lifelong. While the disability may continue, the severity of the condition and/or how it impacts an individual in different settings may change over time. The purpose for requesting documentation is to consider each person individually and to understand if and how the individual is impacted by their disability in a higher education environment. This information is needed to make an informed decision about the need for accommodations and services.  For complete documentation guidelines and information about specific disabilities (i.e. physical, medical, cognitive, sensory), visit JHU’s Office of Institutional Equity Documentation Guidelines for Individuals with Disabilities.

4. Schedule an Appointment
After all required paperwork is submitted and reviewed, a personal interview/intake will be scheduled with the SDS office. The interview provides an opportunity to discuss and/or determine appropriate academic accommodations, assess or identify available accommodation options, and address any questions or concerns. To schedule an appointment, contact SDS at or (410) 516-9734.

5. Requesting Accommodations Each Semester
In order to receive accommodations each semester, you must submit a Request for Accommodations form to SDS including your course and instructor information for that semester. This form will be sent to you after your accommodations have been approved. SDS will then notify your instructors (in writing) of your approved accommodations. Please note that all information about your disability remains confidential between you and Student Disability Services at Johns Hopkins University.

Allow one week or longer for registration and accommodation requests to be processed. Once approved, a letter will be sent to you from SDS outlining your approved accommodations along with a Request for Accommodations form.