Accommodation Request Procedures

The Johns Hopkins School of Education is committed to making all academic programs, support services and facilities available to those that need accommodations.

All students requesting accommodations must first register with the Student Disability Services office prior to the beginning of the semester. Requests can be made after that point, but students must allow at least two weeks for the office to implement any needed accommodations. Participants attending non-classroom events are asked to notify Student Disability Services three weeks prior to the event, if possible.

Once approved for accommodations, the student is required to complete the Request for Accommodations form and submit it to the SDS office each semester that they are registered to ensure that the appropriate faculty members are notified of the needed accommodations.

Students needing accommodations will be asked to provide to the university a comprehensive evaluation of a specific disability from a qualified diagnostician that

  • Identifies the type of disability
  • Describes the current level of functioning in an academic setting
  • Lists recommended accommodations

All documentation will be reviewed and reasonable accommodations will be provided based upon the student’s needs.

Student Disability Services Office
Phone: (410) 516-9734


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