Disability Services Procedures

Apply for Disability Services at the School of Education

1. Contact the Student Disability Services (SDS) Office at soe.disabilityservices@jhu.edu or access the online form.

2. Upload documentation to the form. Students who are requesting academic accommodations should submit documentation to verify eligibility. The following guidelines are provided to ensure that the documentation is complete and appropriate.

Documentation information should:

  • Be typed or printed on official letterhead and be signed by an evaluator qualified to make the diagnosis (include information about license or certification and area of specialization).
  • Clearly state the diagnosed disability or disabilities.
  • Describe the functional limitations resulting from the disability or disabilities.
  • Be current (this should ideally have been completed in the last five years.)
  • Include complete educational, developmental and medical history relevant to the disability for which academic accommodations are being requested.
  • Include recommended accommodations.

3. Schedule an intake with the SDS coordinator at soe.disabilityservices@jhu.edu.

Semester Request

After registering for accommodations while at Johns Hopkins, students must submit a semester request each semester by following the below procedures:

Submit a semester request. Choose Student and then log in using your JHED ID and password.

To renew your accommodations for the new semester:

Students already registered with SDS can access the Student Disability Services online system.

  • Choose Student and then log in sing your Hopkins JHED ID and password.

To request accommodations for the next term:

  1. Select the Accommodation tab on the left menu.
  2. Then select Semester/Term Request.
  3. Skip over the search field and select Add New.
  4. Already approved accommodations that can be renewed will be listed in the blue box.
  5. Choose a term from the drop down menu.
  6. Choose Review the Request and remove any accommodations you do not want to include or remove any courses for which you do not want to request accommodations. This step removes these only from this term’s request.
    1. Please note, if you remove an accommodation accidentally and want to add it back, you can choose the Request Additional Accommodations button to add back any already approved accommodations, but you cannot make new accommodations requests or changes here. To do that see Change/Add Accommodations below.

To Change/Add Accommodations, submit this request before you submit a Semester/Term Request. That way any changes can be included when your accommodations are requested.

  1. Select the Accommodation tab on the left menu.
  2. Select Add New and follow the steps, including supplying information about any changes and uploading any updated or new documentation.
  3. Schedule an appointment to meet with your SDS Coordinator to discuss the changes and approving additional accommodations.

Accommodation Descriptions

Accommodations are modifications to conditions that would otherwise cause a student, because of a disability, to be at a disadvantage relative to non-disabled students in their access to the university’s programs for students. Reasonable accommodations provide equitable access to programs or facilities and do not fundamentally alter the essential nature of a course or academic program. Descriptions of academic accommodations can be found on the Accommodations Descriptions page. Accommodations can be requested using the Accommodate.