Student Voices

New Horizons for Learning acknowledges with gratitude the contribution of the HumanLinks Foundation as sponsors of the Student Voice in Transforming Education site.

All too often the most important people involved in education are left out of conversations about and planning for educational transformation. Many students have valuable ideas about what would make their learning more meaningful and engaging, yet they are often being educated without voice or choice in the process. How often do we really listen to them?

In this area of our website, we ask students to share their insights about what works and what doesn’t work for them in school and other environments for learning. We are currently experimenting with different ways of interviewing them through video, as well as involving students themselves as interviewers and film-producers. We also include articles by educators about how to encourage student involvement and how to create more open and participatory environments for learning.

Today’s students are bright, well-informed, and have valuable ideas to contribute. See for yourself! We are seeking further examples to post, so if you know of students who would like to take this opportunity to participate in a growing collection of student wisdom, please let us know. Articles by students and teachers may be submitted to us at