NHFL Mission & Vision

New Horizons for Learning is an international network of people, programs, and resources dedicated to successful, innovative learning.


As such, this organization will:

  • Establish a synergetic community of interdisciplinary professionals catalyzing to better understand students and the learning process
  • Promote an expanded vision of learning that identifies and fosters the fullest development of human capabilities
  • Seek out, synthesize, and sponsor relevant research in effective and usable formats to inform practice and policy
  • Create a lab of ideas through a collaborative roundtable of expert professionals both virtually and physically to generate, exchange and workshop
  • Differentiate media formats to combine research, policy, and practice to energize users to participate in the generative process of the site and give life to research
  • Professionally develop and empower teachers, researchers and other education professionals
  • Give visibility to effective teaching and learning practices and ideas that have not yet reached the mainstream


Cover of “The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools”

NHFL seeks to provide a forum where educators and researchers will be equal partners developing research questions, conducting research in classrooms, and driving innovation in education. Each partner possesses expertise in either research methodology or classroom implementation. Combining these skills would yield more relevant research of current educational issues and more effective implementation. This model would commence a dialogue between researchers and teachers where both parties are treated as experts and each are professionally developed to learn more about the others’ discipline and spark collaborative research ventures which will feed the site in a generative process, thus creating a more effective connection between research, policy and practice.

Following the launch of the journal, the site will facilitate this process through blogs, “ask the experts,” webinars, video and in- person professional development courses, collaborative research grants for teacher and researcher teams, and publication opportunities. The generative process is represented visually (left) as an expansion of our logo to create gears of researchers and teachers who feed the dialogue on the site, turning the gears, and creating connections where multiple minds, depicted as orange circles, meet and produce new information, again feeding the cycle.

Ultimately the site will create a virtual round table where interdisciplinary professional s with a common interest in learning can form partnerships to further educational research, policy, and practices.