Who We Are

We are practitioners like you. We are former directors and owners, providers and teachers, parents and caregivers, researchers and policy-makers. We believe in the power of early learning and fundamentally know we can accomplish more working together than alone.

We work collaboratively to achieve:

  • Access to quality care and education for people of all ages
  • Holistic approaches to child wellness, development, and learning
  • Nurtured and thriving families
  • Lifelong education, from early childhood to adulthood
  • Improved public policy initiatives
  • Professional care for people of all ages
  • Equity of practice and resources in care and learning environments
  • Safe and healthy families, schools, and communities through integrated resources and support

IDEALS Institute comprises 9 focus teams with expertise in:

  • Early Childhood Policy & Systems;
  • Workforce Development;
  • Quality Rating and Improvement;
  • Development and Learning;
  • Research;
  • Technology Development & Operation;
  • Marketing & Communication;
  • Strategic Partnerships;
  • and Business Operations.

We apply these disciplines in partnerships with governmental, non-profit, business, and consumer entities to achieve positive system and service outcomes across the education, health, and human services sectors.

To learn more about the IDEALS Institute, contact us at [email protected].