Learning Systems

No matter how specialized your field, there are always opportunities for learning. Working alone, it can be challenging to find innovative and imaginative solutions to difficult problems or meet new or changing expectations and needs of your audiences. By working together, sharing experience and knowledge and using our combined resources, we can produce superior outcomes not likely when going it alone.

Here are some samples of our innovative work.

Our Work in K-12 Schools

The IDEALS Learning Systems team develops and supports teaching and learning initiatives in a variety of contexts.


Blog: IDEALS Insights on Teaching and Learning


IDEALS Registry 360


TNPal Workforce Registry

  • Integrated using the IDEALS Integrator that spans across two Universities, Tennessee Department of Human Services, and ProSolutions Training
  • To learn more about TNPal Workforce Registry, contact us at [email protected].


Maryland Accreditation

  • Process for educational care programs serving children from birth to kindergarten age to commit to and demonstrate achievement of established child-care standards 
  • To learn more about Maryland Accreditation, contact us at [email protected].


Alaska Workforce Compensation Study


Improving Quality System-Level Shared ServicesImproving Quality System

  • Collaborative effort between states and local agencies to promote effective public policy initiatives, primarily QRIS
  • Knowledge-sharing and collective problem-solving community to encourage improved outcomes at lower costs
  • IDEALS Improving Quality System (IQS) Model PDF


Safe Schools Initiative

  • Partnership between IDEALS and the Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools
  • Designed to promote stronger school communities and school functioning that holistically improves safety



  • Training tool designed to help prevent suspensions and expulsions
  • Offers professionals and families strategies for behavioral intervention
  • To learn more about BELIEVE, contact us at [email protected].



  • Curricular model that infuses social-emotional learning into all aspects of child development
  • Geared toward STEM-based disciplines in which social-emotional skills are often not emphasized
  • To learn more about STEMS, contact us at [email protected].


TC2: Transformational Learning for Early-Ed Workforce

  • Personalized learning approach for early education professionals
  • Designed to help educators develop the knowledge and skills they need to grow professionally and earn higher compensation
  • To learn more about TC2: Transformational Learning for Early-Ed Workforce, contact us at [email protected].


Delaware Capital District Special Education Transformation Project

  • Multi year effort to promote greater inclusive opportunities for students receiving special education services
  • Implementing a person-centered planning approach that emphasizes individual’s strengths and goals
  • Focused on changing attitudes and equipping all with skills necessary for success
  • To learn more about Delaware Capital District Special Education Transformation Project, contact us at [email protected].

Learning Systems

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