Innovation has always been a key component in our approach, giving us a competitive edge in our ever-expanding programs. With creative thinking and inventive techniques, we solve problems strategically and efficiently. Here are some samples of our innovative work.


Maryland EXCELS Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)Maryland Excels Poster

  • Promotes quality care through a robust ratings system that helps Maryland families make informed choices about child care and prekindergarten
  • Offers programs and providers multipoint guidance on improving the quality of their care
  • Maryland EXCELS Validation Study


  • Online observational data collection system that integrates any observational form
  • Schedules and tracks assessment visits
  • Randomizes classrooms or programs for observation
  • Data reporting and export for research analysis
  • To learn more about EDCRT, contact us at [email protected].

EC Workforce Registry

  • Designed to track employment status of eligible child-care providers
  • Connects workers with employers seeking to improve their program’s quality
  • To learn more about EC Workforce Registry, contact us at [email protected].

To learn more about our innovative approach, contact us at [email protected].