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The IDEALS Institute — Committed to Imagine. Do. Empower. Advance. Lead. Sustain.

The Institute for Innovation in Development, Engagement, and Learning Systems (IDEALS) at the Johns Hopkins School of Education is committed to ensuring everyone has lifelong access to high-quality care and education.

With partners across the spectrum of child and adult care, education, health and social services, we improve the efficiency and efficacy of systems that govern and deliver services to children, families, and vulnerable adults. At the same time, we work directly with individuals to positively improve their lives by defining new evidence-based practices and services; developing and providing training; inventing beneficial technologies; engaging stakeholders through effective communication strategies; and developing and operating large-scale public policy initiatives in partnership with government, business, and other constituent organizations.

Our team of researchers, practitioners, and experts at the IDEALS Institute work to understand the complexities of large systems and transform their operations into actions that improve the lives of the people who depend on those systems.


IDEALS Registry 360

IDEALS Registry 360 is a more robust registry, with more functionality, at a lower cost than most registries throughout the United States. It is the power of pulling together toward a common goal.

To learn more about IDEALS Registry 360, read Learning Systems – IDEALS Registry 360 or contact us at [email protected]


To learn more about how IDEALS is working for you and your community, contact us at [email protected].