Category Community
Date & Time June 15, 2024
Location Catholic University
Type Conference
Format In-Person

Save the Date: The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy (“Institute”) invites you to attend “Diverse Voices Embracing the Classical Tradition,” a conference co-sponsored by the Institute, Africana Studies at Catholic University, Baylor University, and Washington Latin Charter School in Summer 2024, on Catholic University’s beautiful D.C. campus.

The goal of the conference is to convene university and K-12 classical educators to address these questions: How can we preserve, nourish, and expand a tradition that has connected humanity for thousands of years? How is the classical tradition enhanced by including multiple perspectives and new voices in the conversation?

The landscape is fraught with charges on the political left that classical learning is not applicable for today’s young people of color, and on the political right, that the inclusion of diverse voices constitutes “wokeism.” We disagree with both sides. In contrast, this working conference aims to resist the polarization in the field; generate a strategy for teaching and learning that embraces tradition and diversity; design concrete research projects that can inform the future; and create a community to carry the message forward.