EdD Comparison Guide

Effective for the fall 2022 cohort and future cohorts, the EdD applied dissertation will be replaced with a doctoral dossier. For more information, view the comparison guide below.

 Current ProgramRevised Program
Courses54 credits54 credits
Foundations of Education (12) + Electives (6)Foundations of Education (12) + Electives (6)
Applied Research & Evaluation (9)Applied Research & Evaluation (9)
Specialization/Electives (15)Specialization/Electives (15)
Applied Dissertation (12)Doctoral Dossier (12)
SpecializationsELE, MBT, IDOTL, UrbanELE, MBT, IDOTL, Urban
Culminating Project5-Chapter DissertationDossier Research Project
POP Literature ReviewPOP Literature Review
Empirical Project to Examine POPEmpirical Project to Examine POP
Intervention Literature ReviewApplied Project
Intervention + Results
MilestonesYear 1 Paper, Comp Exam, DefensesYear 1 Paper, Comp Exam, Defenses

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Faculty Lead
Carey Borkoski, PhD

Academic Program Coordinator
Cathy Cao