The Center for Social Organization of Schools (CSOS) was established in 1966 as an educational research and development center at Johns Hopkins University.

The center maintains a staff of full-time sociologists, psychologists, social psychologists, and educators who conduct programmatic research to improve the education system, as well as full-time support staff engaged in developing curricula and providing technical assistance to help schools use the center’s research.

The center currently includes the Everyone Graduates Center, Early Learning, National Network of Partnership Schools, and Stocks in the Future.

Meet Our Center Co-Directors



  • Kate Anderson
  • Mary Alice Bond
  • Vaughan Byrnes
  • Emily K. Clark, PhD
  • Jeri Crispe
  • Marsha D. Greenfeld
  • Gregg Howell
  • Ann Maouyo
  • Amanda Martorana
  • Linda Muskauski
  • Hannah Peria
  • Charlene Pryseski
  • Brenda G. Thomas
  • Maria Waltemeyer