The center builds and sustains partnerships with government and non-government entities to distribute tools to community and school leaders, as well as teachers and communities. To ensure that its work remains relevant and effective, the center also works extensively with practitioners to assess needs to inform future research.

Coronavirus Guidance for First Responders
School of Education Professor Sheldon Greenberg’s new COVID-19 guidelines for police patrol officers, security officers, and campus police offer practical expertise in a time of uncertainty and alarm.

Annual NNPS Report: 2018 District Data
In National Network of Partnership Schools, district leaders take responsibility for improving programs of school safety, family engagement, and district leadership at the district levels in each school. This report on data for the 2017-18 school year documents how district leaders across the country are working to fulfill these responsibilities for more effective and more equitable partnership programs.

Annual NNPS Report: 2018 School Data
The 2018 update data collected by National Network of Partnership Schools analyzes efforts among 353 action teams from schools in 14 states to implement research-based approaches affecting the quality of school safety and climate. Important findings include leading predictors of safe school climates as well as outcomes relating to family engagement.

A Holistic Approach to School Safety
In the journal School Administrator, Assistant Professor Christine Eith and doctoral student Kenneth Trump describe a holistic approach to school safety. They recommend “changing the lens and focusing on safety as an environment that is free from fear, intimidation, violence and isolation.”

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Report Advises on Planning for School Safety and Security Technologies
To date, the nation’s largest research study on school safety and security technology was conducted by the Applied Physics Laboratory, home to the National Criminal Justice Technology Research, Test, and Evaluation Center (RT&E). The study focuses on a wide range of technologies designed to strengthen the safety and security of preK-12 schools.