Center for Safe and Healthy Schools 2019-20 Seed Grant Information

The winners have been chosen of the inaugural Center for Safe and Healthy Schools (CSHS) Seed Grant Program. Five interdisciplinary teams will be awarded $10,000 each to conduct research related to safe schools in the areas of Health & Wellness and Schools & Community Engagement. These research teams represent several JHU divisions including the School of Education, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the School of Medicine, and experts outside of JHU.

These awards are jointly supported by the Center for Safe and Healthy Schools led by the School of Education and the Center for Adolescent Health and the Risks to Adolescent Health focal area of the Bloomberg American Health Initiative. The projects funded by the 2019 CSHS Seed Grants are:

BELIEVE: Preventing Preschool Suspension and Expulsion
Elizabeth Boyle (School of Education/IDEALS Institute), Arik Marcell (School of Medicine/School of Public Health/Center for Adolescent Health)
Area: Health & Wellness

Humiliation as a Factor Contributing to Alienation, Depression, Dissention, Anger and Other Behavioral Concerns in preK-12 Schools
Sheldon Greenberg (School of Education), Steve Teret (Bloomberg School of Public Health, retired), Holly Wilcox (School of Public Health), Phil Nichols (retired judge), Mark Greenberg (Catholic Charities of Baltimore, retired)
Area: Health and Wellness

Breaking the “Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline”: Strengthening Health, Wellness, and Psychosocial Environments in Early Care and Education
Lieny Jeon (School of Education), R. Christopher Swanson (School of Education/IDEALS), Arik Marcell (School of Medicine/Bloomberg School of Public Health/Center for Adolescent Health), Yolanda Abel (School of Education), Faith Connolly (School of Education/BERC), Christina Harnett (School of Education)
Area: Health & Wellness

Building School and Community Capacity Through Citizens’ Engagement
Antigoni Papadimitriou (School of Education), Anita Young (School of Education), Rosalyn Steward (School of Medicine), Constantine Frangakis (Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Area: School & Community Engagement

The Mental Health Needs of Children and Adolescents: A Scoping Study of Training, Practice, and Policy for Counseling Services in Schools
Sterling Travis (School of Education), Vivian V. Lee (School of Education), Elise T. Pas (Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Area: Health and Wellness


  • June 30, 2020 – Deadline for expenditure of funds


Please contact Juliet Ray at for questions related to the Safe Schools Seed Grant Program.