The Johns Hopkins School of Education offers groundbreaking academic programs to empower educators and school leaders to create safe and healthy learning environments.

Safe and Healthy Schools Academic Programming

Students in the administration and supervision, counseling, teacher preparation, and special education programs will be exposed to Safe and Healthy Schools curriculum:

  • A series of short modules embedded into existing core curriculum
  • A suite of five stand-alone Safe and Healthy School short courses presented as an asynchronous lecture series

The School of Education will launch a five-part lecture and discussion series for current students. The lectures will be tailored to disseminate the best practices in each content area to increase the knowledge and understanding. Affiliated faculty will provide candidates with transdisciplinary evidence of research topics through lecture, discussions, and reflection opportunities. The series will cover topics such as:

  • What is a Safe School?
  • Student and Teacher Mental Health
  • Bullying, Cyberbullying, SEL and Trauma-Informed Schooling: Detection, prevention, and intervention
  • The Role of the School Resource Officer
  • School Security Technology

Safe and Healthy Schools Micro-Credentials Program

The School of Education will launch a national, asynchronous micro-credentialing program. The micro-credential program is being designed to reach school leaders who are being challenged by their communities to improve the safety of their schools but have not been trained to implement best practices.

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Two people in conversation
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