The Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools’ mission is to empower schools, their communities, and policymakers with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and be equipped with effective resources and the support needed to foster safe and healthy school environments. 

Our schools are at a critical inflection point—the Coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the inequities in access to educational opportunities that educators have understood for decades. The Center for Safe and Healthy Schools prioritizes creating resources based on research which demonstrates the interventions that truly provide safe and healthy learning environments for teachers, staff, and students.

The Johns Hopkins University School of Education is a 21st-century school of education, and we are focused on taking bold steps to offer smart solutions to the complex, pressing issues facing our schools, nation, and world. The Center builds on the School of Education’s focus on preparing the teachers, counselors, and school leaders of tomorrow in school safety best practice and supports their critical and dynamic roles as practitioners in schools and advocates for themselves and their students.

Led by the School of Education, the Center for Safe and Healthy Schools is an integral part of making that 21st century vision a reality. The Center harnesses the interdisciplinary strength of the Johns Hopkins University academic community, bringing together top faculty from across our university system – from education, public health, engineering, arts and sciences, nursing and medicine– to collectively apply their expertise around evidence-based practices, programs, tools and policies integral to safe and healthy school environments. Our mission is to empower schools, their communities and policymakers with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and provide their schools, educators and families with effective resources and support needed to foster a safe and healthy school climate.

Working to translate the best research into viable practice, our work empowers policymakers to make informed decisions on how to support safe and healthy schools; school leaders, educators and staff to effectively teach and care for students; and communities, including agencies, non-profit organization, community and political leaders) to cultivate safe and healthy schools and advocate for what they need to feel and be safe.