There is a movement in education toward evidence-based reform, policies promoting the creation, evaluation, and widespread application of programs and practices that produce significantly better outcomes than current practices.

Evidence for ESSA

Evidence for ESSA is a free, web-based resource created by CRRE that provides easy access to information on programs that meet the evidence standards defined in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The website is designed to provide information to state chiefs, superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, and anyone else interested in using evidence to inform their conversations about what is best for students. The website has widespread support from membership organizations representing leaders of America’s states, districts, schools, and classrooms, as well as parents and policymakers.


ProvenTutoring is an initiative supported by the CRRE that provides in-depth resources to educators about tutoring programs proven in rigorous research to substantially increase the achievements of students performing below grade level. It is a coalition of independent tutoring providers who are committed to scaling their research-proven programs so students receive high-quality small group and one-to-one tutoring interventions. Proven Tutoring providers collectively serve K-10th grade students with tutoring models in reading and mathematics.

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Best Evidence Encyclopedia

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE) is a free website created by CRRE that provides reviews of various types of K–12 education programs, including early childhood programs, elementary and secondary reading and math programs, and programs for struggling students and English language learners. To be included in the BEE, reviews must meet a set of rigorous research standards.

Educators can use the BEE for various purposes:

  • To find research support for a program or practice, or for specific types of programs, such as cooperative learning, tutoring, or technology.
  • To guide a school or district improvement process.

Almost all BEE reviews are ultimately published in top academic journals.

Best Evidence in Brief

Best Evidence in Brief is a biweekly e-newsletter, produced by CRRE, which offers a quick roundup of current education research news. What makes Best Evidence in Brief different from other education newsletters is that we look at the evidence behind the headlines, providing you with practical information on what works in schools.

Summaries from Best Evidence in Brief are now also distributed online by topic in monthly webinars through The National College in the UK.

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Robert Slavin’s Blog Archive

Robert Slavin, the late director of CRRE, wrote weekly blogs about evidence-based education reform. The blog’s main focus was how educational policy can be informed by research and innovation and, in turn, promote development and evaluation of promising practices to improve student outcomes.

Please see the blog archives (