Student Emergency Relief Fund

A Note from the Dean

Many of our students experience financial hardship and unexpected emergencies during their time at the SOE. Sometimes, these circumstances force them to consider whether they can even continue pursuing their degrees—and their dreams of making an impact on the world.

Please join me in building stronger schools and communities by ensuring the development of these transformational, Johns Hopkins-trained leaders—and keeping our wonderful students on the path to realizing their dreams. Every dollar you contribute to this special fund will be granted to students who are experiencing hardship.

Thank you,

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Christopher C. Morphew, PhD

Student Emergency Relief Fund

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About the Fund

The Johns Hopkins School of Education has established the Student Emergency Relief Fund to help our students stay on course to earn their degrees while experiencing financial hardship. A grant of even $500 could mean the difference between earning a Johns Hopkins degree and leaving the field altogether. Every dollar contributed to this special fund will be granted to students who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Note: Through the CARES Act, a reduction in taxable income is now available for individuals who take the standard deduction rather than itemize their deductions. This inclusion creates a new, above-the-line charitable deduction for cash contributions of up to $300 ($600 for a married couple), which may afford you an additional tax benefit for your charitable giving. The adjustment does not apply to gifts made to a donor-advised fund.

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Almost every day, I hear from students who are facing unexpected expenses and challenges. Having funds available to immediately assist our students would make a huge difference with keeping them on track to be successful in their academic programs.

Teri Murray
Director Student Affairs