Student Work

Employment-based tuition benefit programs represent an alternate source of assistance to students. Employers and labor unions often provide educational benefits for their employees as part of a larger benefit package. The assistance may take the form of a contract between the employer and the university or a full or partial tuition reimbursement plan between the employer and the employee.

Students who participate in employer tuition reimbursement programs should plan to pay all tuition and fees at the time of registration and follow their employer’s procedures for requesting reimbursements. Students should contact their company’s human resource office to discuss the availability of tuition assistance. Information on billing or contract procedures may be obtained from the Student Accounts Office at 410-516-9722.

Employees receiving tuition assistance may be responsible for taxes on the value of the tuition assistance received. Please check with your employer for more details. Johns Hopkins University provides a tuition remission program for full-time employees. For information, contact the Training and Education Programs Office at 410-516-6800.