Budgeting (Calculator)


Students enrolled in a part-time program have the option of deferring your tuition payment by enrolling in the monthly payment plan each semester. However, there is an annual monthly payment plan available to students enrolled in a full-time program. To enroll, you should:

  • Contact Tuition Management Systems (TMS) either by phone at 1-888-713-7238 or visit their website at https://jhusoe.afford.com/.
  • Identify yourself as a Johns Hopkins University School of Education student when contacting Tuition Management Systems (TMS).
  • Choose from the semester (part-time programs) or annual (full-time programs) monthly payment plan.
  • Know your Hopkins ID before calling. Your Hopkins ID can be found on the SIS Self Service home page.
  • Know the amount of tuition and fees to be budgeted with the payment plan (January courses should be included in the Fall payment plan); students enrolling in the annual plan should budget for the entire academic year.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Book charges are excluded from the payment plan
  • Payment plans are semester specific and cannot be used to pay past due balances from previous semesters
  • Part-time program: Pay a nominal enrollment fee of $60 each semester
  • Full-time program: Pay a nominal enrollment fee of $85 each academic year

See Payment Schedule B for the current payment plan

If payment has not been made in accordance with the payment schedule, Tuition Management Systems (TMS) has the option to terminate the agreement and assess a $50 late fee. In addition, if you are no longer eligible to participate in the payment plan, a $75 payment plan termination fee will be charged to your student account by JHU. You will not be allowed to receive any future services until your account is paid in full.