Tips to Avoid Delays & Missed Deadlines

Here are five tips to help you submit your application on time and to avoid missing admission deadlines.

  1. Order your official transcripts at the same time you complete your online application.List all institutions you have attended on the Academic History section of the application form. Whether you earned a degree or are just enrolled in courses, you must request and submit an official transcript for each institution listed in the Academic History section.
  2. If your previous institutions offer electronic transcript delivery, we recommend that you select this option.All electronic transcript requests should be emailed to the Johns Hopkins School of Education or Johns Hopkins University – Graduate Programs at [email protected]. Please consider selecting an expedited sending option. If your previous institution offers mail only for official transcript delivery, please request that they be sent to:

Johns Hopkins University
School of Education
Office of Admissions
2800 N. Charles
Baltimore, MD 21218

  1. We encourage you to submit the online application form fully and request all required documents ahead of your program’s posted application deadline (see Admission Deadlines & Requirements). You do not need to wait for your transcripts or letters of recommendation to be received to finish, sign, and submit your application form.
  2. If you are an international applicant or attended a higher education institution outside the United States or Canada, you should apply to obtain course-by-course from an international credential evaluation agency (See International Student Admissions) as soon as possible. Depending on your institution’s location, this process may take anywhere from six to eight weeks.
  3. Keeping track of which admission requirements have been received and which are outstanding is essential. Once you have submitted your application form, we recommend you check your application status in the admissions portal.You can track which requirements have been received and which are outstanding. If you notice, for example, that your providers for required letters of recommendation have not sent/completed the request after seven days, email your recommendation provider to ensure they have received the email from the Johns Hopkins School of Education Office of Admissions. Ask them to check their mail filters and spam/ junk folders if they did not receive the request. Please also confirm that you entered your recommender’s correct email address.

If you have questions about requesting any of your required supporting documents or the tips listed above, please contact the Johns Hopkins School of Education admissions team.