Academic Catalog: Adding a Second Master’s Degree

Graduates with a School of Education master’s degree who subsequently enroll in a second master’s program must complete a minimum of 30 additional credits beyond the first master’s program to earn a second master’s degree. The second master’s program may, however, include specific program requirements that obligate students to take more than the minimum 30 additional credits. (Refer to individual program descriptions for specific credit requirements.) Students should submit an online application. Application requirements (excluding transcripts and fees) such as the essay, CV/résumé, and signed letters of recommendation can be uploaded electronically using SIS Self-Service or mailed to:

Johns Hopkins School of Education
Office of Admissions
6740 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 110
Columbia, MD 21046-2100

Note: Students may not enroll in (or apply for admission to enroll in) two master’s programs concurrently.