Below is an overview of the coursework you will complete in the program as a master’s student. You will be provided with a suggested program plan and you will work with your advisor to determine the course sequence that works best for you. Your long-term goals, current teaching placement, and program affiliation will determine your actual program plan.

Core Courses: Teaching Pedagogy

  • Seminar in Transformational Leadership and Teaching I–IV
  • Classroom Management I–II
  • Effective Practices in Teaching and Learning I–II
  • Teaching for Transformation I–II
  • Portfolio I–II
  • Literacy Courses*

For more detailed information about these courses and their sequencing, you can visit the Overview of Coursework.

*Baltimore, Connecticut, PG County, and ACPS students only.

Elective Courses

Students will choose three elective courses to complete. Below is a sample list of electives that have been offered in past semesters. Students have a variety of electives to choose from and this list is not exhaustive.

  • Politics of Education
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Human Development and Learning
  • In the Age of Change: School Reform in the United States
  • Introduction to Education Budgeting
  • Introduction to Global Education Policy and Analysis
  • Educational Alternatives for Students with Special Needs
  • School Law
  • Gaming and Media Design for Learning
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Technology Leadership for School Improvement
  • Designing and Delivering Online and Blended Learning Environments
  • The Social Context of Urban Education

Please note, enrollment in all courses is subject to availability.

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