MEHP: Program Structure

The MEHP program consists of an 18-credit core in Evidence Based Teaching–which can also be taken as a stand-alone post-master’s certificate–and a 15-credit option to focus on educational research or educational leadership. The program format is entirely online.

Visit our course sequence/descriptions page for full details on the course work and classes available, or click the links below to go directly to the evidence-based teaching core, educational leadership and educational research sections of the course descriptions.

Core in Evidence-Based Teaching in the Health Professions

This 18-credit foundation emphasizes preparing health professionals to teach effectively. The courses include:

  • Foundation to Innovation: Adult Learning
  • Evidence Based Teaching
  • Ensuring Learning through Assessment and Feedback
  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Strategies I (1.5 credits)
  • Instructional Strategies II (1.5 credits)
  • Educational Scholarship: Design (1.5 credits)
  • Educational Scholarship: Implementation (1.5 credits)

Specialization Options – Select One

  • Educational Research in the Health Professions
    This option prepares health professionals to effectively create and engage in the research process beginning with the identification of research questions, the selection of sound methodological approaches including sample selection and instrument selection, the accurate interpretation of results, and the preparation of findings for dissemination through highly regarded journals.
  • Educational Leadership in the Health Professions
    This option prepares health professionals to effectively lead educational initiatives through curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation; program advocacy; funding identification and support; staff management; program management; and educational policy development and/or implementation

Both tracks allow for some customization through electives, projects, and/or practicum. Under both options and in consultation with assigned instructor and mentor, participants will develop an educational research project or an educational leadership project with clear objectives and defined deliverables. The results of these projects will be prepared for publication and presentation. Participants are encouraged to use challenges and questions needing to be addressed in their work environments for these activities.