Master of Science in Education – Educational Studies (Urban Teachers)

Every child deserves a great teacher, yet students in urban districts often receive the least effective and least experienced teachers available.  

The Urban Teachers program prepares new teachers to succeed through a rigorous clinical training model. The centerpiece of this four-year collaborative program is a 14-month residency that candidates experience in urban schools before becoming a lead teacher. It is augmented by graduate coursework leading to a master of science in education degree at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, which is completed in two years and is clinically based, allowing teachers to practice their skills immediately in the classroom. The residency is followed by three years of coaching and mentoring that aids in the development of outstanding practice in the field.

The Johns Hopkins School of Education and Urban Teachers collaboration produces highly effective teachers who are dedicated to improving the academic performance of students in high-need schools.

The need for highly effective urban teachers is urgent. Those interested in becoming a great urban teacher must go through a two-stage application process. Applicants must first apply and be admitted into Urban Teachers and, once accepted, must apply then for admission to the Johns Hopkins School of Education.

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Eric Rice

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Anne Scoufalos

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Liesl McNeal