MAT Program Requirements


Students work with an adviser to complete a program of study that fulfills the MSDE requirements for certification as a teacher in Maryland. The MAT requires a minimum of 39 credits, and specific additional content-area course work which may be needed due to differences in undergraduate preparation. Students pursue the degree on an accelerated basis; and the internship requires full-time teaching in a school setting. Information about content-area coursework is available here.

The nationally recognized Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Standards guide the MAT program. Using these standards, students demonstrate their competence through a portfolio development process monitored by faculty and supervising teachers and their participation in a variety of field placements. Upon successful completion of the course work, internship, and Praxis II exams, and presentation of the portfolio, students are eligible for Maryland State teacher certification. (Praxis is a professional assessment test for beginning teachers.)

Applicants must pass all Praxis I/Core requirements (or the state approved alternatives) to be admitted to the MAT program. MAT students must pass the content knowledge portion of Praxis II to be scheduled for their pre-internship class. 

In addition, all students entering the program are required to complete a criminal disclosure statement and to undergo state and federal criminal background checks, revealing no history of criminal activity, prior to placement in any internship. (Under Maryland law, persons who have committed acts of violence or crimes against children are not eligible for teacher certification.)

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