MAT Content Requirements


Master of Arts in Teaching candidates must have sufficient content understanding to teach effectively. Guidelines for appropriate content are given by the Maryland State Department of Education (COMAR) and by the national professional organizations in each subject matter area. These guidelines have been used to develop supplemental content worksheets for the MAT Program. Program advisers use the supplemental content worksheets (listed below) to review candidate undergraduate coursework and determine needed prerequisites.

In general, most, if not all, content requirements are met through undergraduate coursework. The following guidelines are used to determine how content gaps will be addressed. Candidates should discuss their content background with their advisor upon entry to the program. Any content requirements that are identified will become part of the candidate’s official program plan, and as such, are considered to be requirements for graduation. All content requirements must be completed prior to graduation from the program. 

Elementary and Secondary Candidates

1) Following the supplemental content worksheets, the advisor will work with the candidate to determine content gaps. If the candidate has had the required number of course credits in a particular area (9 credits of English, for example) but is missing a particular requirement (e.g., literature), he/she will be required to submit a supplemental content product.

2) If the candidate does not have the required number of credits in a content area, he/she will be required to take an additional course. Some supplemental content products may be accepted in lieu of coursework at the discretion of the advisor in keeping with departmental guidelines.

CLEP Examinations

With advisor approval, candidates may submit passing scores on CLEP examinations to meet supplemental content requirement needs.

Receiving Credit

To meet graduation requirements, the candidate must provide his/her advisor with an official transcript from the institution where he/she has taken additional courses or an official report of a CLEP examination.

To receive credit for a supplemental product, the candidate is responsible for presenting the product to his/her advisor for approval. A copy of the product will be kept in the candidate’s file.

Supplemental Content Worksheets

  • Elementary Education: PDF | Word
  • Secondary English: PDF
  • Secondary Social Studies: PDF

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