Master of Arts in Teaching

Students in the Master of Arts in Teaching program benefit from extensive field experience in local partnership schools. They teach for two full semesters supervised by experts, setting SOE’s program apart. This experience exposes them to leaders in educational thought and practice, and imbues their training with the prestige that can only come from Johns Hopkins.

Go beyond basic certification training. Be a leader in the classroom and beyond. Find out why people who hire our graduates say Johns Hopkins School of Education MAT grads in their first year of teaching look more like experienced teachers.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at the Johns Hopkins School of Education (SOE) embodies the spirit of the University in its unwavering pursuit of excellence through its commitment to a rigorous program that uniquely prepares aspiring teachers to embrace the challenges of diverse classrooms.  The hallmark of this innovative program is its focus on an intellectually challenging, reform-minded program of studies in which candidates acquire teaching competencies within a supportive learning community.  Both in and outside the classroom, through multiple, coherently designed experiences, candidates come to recognize that teaching is more complex than simply conveying subject matter.  Candidates learn to transform their subject matter expertise into relevant experiences for P-12 learners by applying the best of what we know from the Learning Sciences about how children and youth think and learn.  A cadre of professional educators support candidate development through a continuous model of improvement with timely and targeted feedback in both face-to-face and real-time digital formats.  SOE-MAT candidates benefit from the recognition that they are important as individuals and that their success is as important as the success of the students they teach.


Areas of Distinction

  • Multiple, intensive school-based experiences focused on special populations at nationally recognized institutions including Kennedy Krieger Institute, Center for Talented Youth, and Henderson-Hopkins K-8 School
  • Innovative curriculum that emphasizes the learning sciences through a focus on the latest research in the cognitive processes of attention, memory, emotions, creativity, and the neurobiology of learning differences
  • A strong focus on deep knowledge of academic subject matter and expertise in conveying and applying academic content through project-based learning for learners at all levels of achievement
  • Personalized advising focused on academic, career, and personal well being
  • Fast-paced, one-year program leading to Maryland certification and reciprocity with almost every state in the nation
  • Convenient hybrid format with the first semester completed online from any location
  • Choice of multiple placements in urban and suburban environments
  • Specializations through elective courses and seamless transition into advanced SOE programs in Gifted Education; STEM; Mind, Brain, and Teaching; and Urban Education
  • Participation in conferences and lecture series conducted by prominent Hopkins researches from across the university, in particular the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Recognized by National Council on Teacher Quality at the highest level for secondary and elementary programming
  • Project-based learning



The School of Education MAT includes three separate K-12 field experiences, with opportunities to work with general education students, as well as English-language learners, gifted, and special education students. Our partnership schools are crucial training grounds for our candidates who assume the responsibilities of teachers as they earn a degree.


Every School of Education MAT candidate builds a digital portfolio throughout the course of their enrollment. The result—our graduates are prepared to innovate as teachers and leaders from day one.


When school systems, policy-makers, and government agencies need expert advice about the education field, they call the School of Education. Explore opportunities to engage with SOE thought leaders through events, conferences, and presentations that explore the very latest advances in education theory and practice.


Maryland Accredited Program endorsed by the National Council on Teacher Quality with its highest rating. The program leads to Maryland certification with reciprocity in 38 states. All faculty have had K-12 classroom experience, and career services support networking and recruitment.


For those who qualify, the Johns Hopkins School of Education offers partnership-based special enrollment options that include full or partial tuition support for the MAT program.

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