School Administration and Supervision

As one of the top-ranked school of education in the country according to the U.S. News & World Report, the School of Education is concerned with aligning cutting-edge, evidence-based research with practical experience to arm new school leaders with the appropriate tools to transform their schools and sustain change.

Students interested in the 18-credit School Administration and Supervision certificate program may choose from online or face-to-face enrollment options.

In addition to the standard School of Education admissions requirements, applicants are expected to: 1) be certified teachers or other certified school personnel with at least 27 months of teaching experience, 2) be currently employed by a school district or an accredited independent school, 3) hold a master’s degree and 4) Identify a person who will serve as a mentor (during the final internship course).  The mentor must have either Administrator I or II certification and be currently working in an administrative or supervisory capacity.  Additionally, the mentor should be willing to coach the intern and to meet on a regular basis to provide assistance to the intern in experiencing the many facets of leadership.