Frequently Asked Questions

1.When does the next cohort open?
The next online cohort will begin in the Fall Semester 2018. Admission deadline is April 1, 2018, but we will continue to accept applications until the cohort is full.

2. How long does it take to complete the certificate?
A year plus one extra semester.

3. I only want to take a couple of courses, not the entire certificate. Can I do that?
The certificate program is designed so that a single cohort of students proceeds through the same sequence of courses at the same time. For this reason, students generally do not take courses without taking the entire certificate. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, but students are limited to two classes in the program before needing to fully apply.

4. What does it cost?
Per-credit costs and fees are available here.

6. How do I apply?

7. What do I need to apply?
Official transcripts from all schools attended post-secondary, essay, scholarly writing sample, resume or curriculum vitae, 2 letters of recommendation, and the application form. Interviews may also be required. You should also have a 3.0 GPA for undergraduate and graduate coursework.

8. How do I register?

9. Tell me about what I can expect from the online classes? Is it just a reading assignment and then I write something or is there any interaction with the instructor?
The online certificate program courses are *not* individual, self-paced courses. The School of Education Online Teaching and Learning team has developed an instructional system that involves collaboration with other students and interaction with the instructor. The coursework is delivered in our learning management system called Blackboard.

10. If I am doing the online certificate do I have to be online at a specific time and date?
The courses are mostly asynchronous, but occasionally synchronous sessions are scheduled. This means that most weeks, there will be no particular time when students need to be online. Occasionally, the course will meet in “real time” using various web technologies.

11. How often do I need to be online?
Students must be able to log in and participate in course discussions, etc. a minimum of several times a week. It is best if students log in on a daily basis to keep up with the course.

12. Is there any kind of scholarship for this certificate?

13. Is there any financial aid offered for this certificate?
To find out about financial aid go to

14. How will this certificate help me in the job market?
Practicing teachers often treat the certificate program as an “add-on” certificate they can put on their resumes. Likewise, having graduate school credits may be beneficial as well.

 15. Do you plan on having a masters or doctoral program in this area?
The Mind, Brain, and Teaching Certificate can be combined with another certificate program and capstone work to earn a master’s degree.

We currently have an Online Ed.D. program with a concentration in Mind, Brain, and Teaching. The Mind, Brain, and Teaching concentration is not offered every year as an Ed.D. concentration. Please keep checking the Online Ed.D. program pages, available here, for the Online Ed.D. for the next available concentration.

18. Could I get a description of the courses?
Descriptions may be found on our website.

19. What is the schedule of courses?
Online courses each take place over 12-week periods spread across 5 semesters, or roughly a year and a half.

20. What other online programs are offered that I could do along with the Mind, Brain, and Teaching certificate to get a master’s in education?
Contact the advisors listed for each certificate to find out when they are offered and whether online versions exist.

Important Telephone Numbers:

Admissions Office: 410-516-9797
Registrar’s Office: 410-516-9816
Financial Aid Office: 410-516-9808
Student Accounts: 410-516-9722

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