Registration: Withdrawal from a Program


A student wishing to withdraw from a program should consult first with his/her faculty adviser. If a student decides to withdraw from a program, s/he must file written notice with the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs (or designee) and with the Office of the Registrar. In addition to filing written notice to withdraw from a program, students must also notify the Office of the Registrar, using the Add/Drop form (see Withdrawing from a Course), if they also wish to withdraw from any course(s) in which they are currently enrolled at the time the decision is made to withdraw from a program.

A student who formally withdraws from a program, but who subsequently wishes to be reinstated to the program, must re-apply following the School’s regular application process.

Note: Students who wish to switch programs rather than withdraw from the University entirely should refer to the School of Education’s policy on Changing Programs.