Academic Catalog: Admission, Registration, and Finances


The admission process for degree and certificate programs in the School of Education is designed to assure academic quality and program integrity. The admission process respects the dignity, privacy, and academic well-being of the applicant and is based on principles of fairness and equality of opportunity.




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Only students who have been fully admitted to a program (or as a Graduate Special Student) may register for courses. Students are encouraged to register for courses as early as possible during each registration period since a course may close or be cancelled due to low enrollment before the end of registration. Students may not sit in on a class without being officially registered for that class, nor should they contact instructors to request permission to register for or attend a closed course. Students who fail to complete their registration and sit in on a class will not receive a grade or credit for attending class. General Registration Policy Adding a Course Dropping a Course Withdrawing from a Course Auditing a Course Wait Lists Course Load Leave of Absence Withdrawal from a Program Interdivisional Registration Refunds Immunization Law for New and Continuing Students under the Age of 26 Attendance/Participation Examinations Religious Holiday Observance Graduation Requirements For more information, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Tuition and Fees

Prior to the first day of the summer, fall, and spring (including January intersession and May session) semesters, students may select from a number of payment options (see Student Accounts).

Registration requests cannot be processed unless accompanied by appropriate payment or selection of an available payment option. Students who have just begun the financial aid application process may not check “financial aid” in lieu of payment at the time of registration. Students wishing to receive financial aid must pay for courses at the time of registration if they have not completed all required documentation.

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Disability Services

The Disability Services Office collaborates with students, instructors, and staff to provide equitable, inclusive, and sustainable learning environments that promote academic success for all students. Students needing academic accommodations must register with the Disability Services Office by contacting or 410-516-9734. Recent documentation from a credentialed professional must be provided—all information remains confidential. The Disability Services Office recognizes the diverse characteristics and experiences of the School of Education community and commits to creating a climate of mutual respect that supports one another’s success.

For more information on requesting accommodations, please also visit the Office of Institutional Equity’s website.

Student Accounts

For general inquiries about your student account, specifically receipt of payments, refunds, online tuition payments, financial holds, 1098T, collections, company billing, etc., call 410-516-9722 or 1-800-GO-TO-JHU (1-800-468-6548), fax 410-516-9721, or email

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid information from the School of Education is broken into several sub-categories. Follow the links below for specific information.

General Financial Aid Information
Important Financial Aid Dates
Scholarships, Grants and Awards

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School of Education Scholarships

Learn more about the various scholarship and grant opportunities available to School of Education students.

Below is a listing of School of Education endowed scholarships:

Aegon USA Inc. Scholarship Fund
Established in 1999 by Aegon USA Inc. to provide scholarship support to School of Education and Public Safety Leadership students who demonstrate financial need.

Marlene K. Barrell Scholarship Fund
Established in 2004 to support graduate students in the School of Education.

BGE Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 1998 with a generous gift from the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need.

Bloomberg Scholars Program
Established in 1995 with a gift from Michael Bloomberg, ENGR ’64 and former chairman of the JHU Board of Trustees. The Bloomberg Scholars Program provides scholarship support to the School of Education. The competitive awards are made to support outstanding adult part-time students in master’s programs.

Edward Franklin Buchner Fellowship in Education
Established in 1987 by the late Louisa Buchner in honor of the late Dr. Edward Franklin Buchner, professor of education and philosophy and first chairman of the university’s College Courses for Teachers, created in 1909. The fellowship is for doctoral candidates in education at the School of Education.

Dorothy Davis Scholarship for Gifted Education
Established in 1987, this scholarship is for graduate students in gifted and learning disabled education and provides half-tuition scholarships.

Decker-Gabor Scholarship
This scholarship provides tuition assistance for undergraduate and graduate students. Established in 1999 by the late Al Decker, former trustee emeritus, and his wife, Virginia Decker, the scholarship honors Stanley C. Gabor, dean of the school from 1982 until his retirement in 1999.

Linda A. Fedor Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2004 by the Fedor family in memory of their daughter and sister, this scholarship supports an internship in the master’s degree in special education program at the School of Education.

Dean Ralph Fessler 100th Anniversary Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 2011 to provide financial assistance for students in the School of Education.

Isaac and Fannie Fox Scholarship Fund
Established in 1997 by Lillian Bernice Fox, ‘61, the scholarship supports undergraduate students in memory of her parents.

Lillian Bernice Fox Scholarship Fund
Established in 1997 by Lillian Bernice Fox, ‘61, for undergraduate students.

The Stanley C. Gabor Scholarship Fund
Established in 1999 in honor of Dean Emeritus Gabor at the time of his retirement to provide support to Carey Business School and School of Education students who demonstrate financial need.

The Sheldon D. and Saralynn B. Glass Endowed Counseling Scholarship Fund
Established in 2011 with a generous gift from Dr. Sheldon D. Glass and Mrs. Saralynn B. Glass to provide scholarship funds for full-time students enrolled in the Counseling Fellows program who demonstrate financial need.

Nancy Grasmick Fellowship Fund
Established in 1998 to provide financial assistance to doctoral students in the School of Education.

David and Bessie Greenberg Scholarship Fund
Established in 2010 by Sheldon and Robin Greenberg to provide financial assistance for practitioners in the fields of law enforcement, fire/EMS, emergency management, public health, the military, security, and related public safety endeavors who pursue their degree(s) through the Division of Public Safety Leadership.

Alma D. Hunt/VCM Grant for Special Education
Established in 1999 by an anonymous donor in honor of the donor’s grandmother (1891–1987), a lady whose humble life and generous spirit were underscored by her compassionate concern to put others first, the grant provides tuition assistance to urban students with demonstrated financial need who are in the internship stage of their special education program in the School of Education.

Jumble-Inn Scholarship
The Jumble-Inn Scholarship was established in 1920 by a gift from the Jumble-Inn Committee to benefit women who teach in Baltimore elementary schools, who are residents of the city, and who are candidates for degrees in education. Preference is given to those in need of financial assistance.

Chester L. and Mary Ruth Kiser Scholarship
Established with a legacy gift in 2017, the Chester L. and Mary Ruth Kiser Scholarship Fund supports students in the School Administration and Supervision program.

Mary Levin Scholarship Fund
Established in 1978 for post-master’s degree students by the late Cecelia L. Bass, ’41, and Leon P. Bass in honor of her sister, the late Mary Levin, former executive secretary to the deans of McCoy College and the Evening College, now separately known as the Carey Business School and the School of Education.

Helen Hassie Lichtenstein Scholarship
Established in 1986 by the late Dr. Arthur Lichtenstein, ’30, ’34, in memory of his wife Helen Hassie Lichtenstein, ’39, this scholarship is awarded annually to a doctoral student at the School of Education who exemplifies a commitment to the field of special education and may need institutional support to further his or her studies. Dr. and Mrs. Lichtenstein, both alumni of the School of Education, were special education professionals in Baltimore public schools for many years.

Kelvin D. Machemer Scholarship
Established in 2004 by Kelvin D. Machemer to provide scholarship support for part-time students in the School of Education.

Michael-Weinstein Scholarship
Established in 1998 by Joel A. and Bonita M. Weinstein, ’72, in memory of her mother and brother, this fund provides financial assistance to students in the School of Education.

Middendorf Endowed Scholarship
Established in 2017 by the Middendorf Foundation in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the School of Education as a standalone school, the Middendorf Endowed Scholarship provides financial assistance to graduate students in the School of Education.

Richard and Marie Conley Mumma Scholarship Fund
Established in 1997 by the estate of Richard and Marie Conley Mumma, this scholarship provides financial assistance to graduate students. Richard Mumma served as dean of McCoy College and the Evening College from 1951 to 1970.

Helen M. and E. Magruder Passano Jr. Scholarship
Established in 1997 by Helen M. Passano, ’78, and E. Magruder Passano, ’67, ’69, and Waverly Inc., the fund provides need-based scholarships.

Pi Lambda Theta Scholarship
Established in 1980 by the Chi Chapter of Pi Lambda Theta, a national honor and professional association in education, to honor Drs. Florence E. Bamberger and Angela Broening. The fund provides financial assistance for graduate education students at the School of Education. Dr. Bamberger served as director of College Courses for Teachers and the summer session during the 1930s and 1940s.

Eugene H. Ryer Scholarship Fund
Established in 1998 in memory of Eugene H. Ryer, who attended evening courses at Hopkins during the 1930s, by his wife, Catharine H. Ryer, and son, David E. Ryer, ’64. The fund provides financial aid for students in the School of Education.

Aileen and Gilbert Schiffman Fellowship
Established in 1996 by a gift from The Hodson Trust in memory of Gil Schiffman, professor emeritus and former director of the Graduate Division of Education, this fellowship is awarded to School of Education doctoral students.

Sonia Beser Snyder and Naomi Beser Scholarship Fund
Established in 1997 by Sonia Beser Snyder, ’44, in memory of her twin sister, Naomi Beser.

William H. Thomson Scholarship
Dorothy S. Thomson established this fund in memory of her husband to provide financial assistance to worthy students in the School of Education.

Anna McClintock Welch Matching Fund
The family and friends of Anna McClintock Welch established a fund in her honor to assist working undergraduate students who require partial financial aid for their education. The fund matches up to 50 percent of the student’s earned income required to cover tuition, fees, and books. Although this is a scholarship program, the donors of the fund encourage recipients to repay the gift and thereby help students in the future.

Eva Orrick Bandell Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1967 by Eva Orrick Bandell Wilson, who attended classes in the Evening College, the fund provides aid for students with demonstrated financial need in the School of Education.

Alison P. Wolcott Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2008, for the purpose of advancing the service goals and ideals of Alison Paige Wolcott, to help cover the tuition and fees of a student enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.

Veterans/G.I. Bill Assistance

Johns Hopkins is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission for training veterans, service members, eligible spouses and dependents under provisions of the various federal laws pertaining to veterans’ educational benefits. Information about veterans’ educational benefits is available at or call 1-888-442-4551.

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