Repeated Courses

A graduate (master’s or certificate) student may voluntarily repeat one course while enrolled in a program; and it can only be a course in which a grade of B- or below was received. The course may be repeated only once.

Note: Students who are placed on academic probation may be required to repeat one or more courses as part of their Candidate Improvement Plan—see policy on Unsatisfactory Academic Standing. Courses that students are required to repeat as part of their academic probation do not count as “voluntarily” repeated courses.

When a course is repeated, both the original and repeated course grades appear on the academic record; however, only the repeated course grade is used in calculating the grade point average. Course credit may be applied toward degree requirements only once, even if a course is repeated. The repeated course is indicated with an “R” on the academic record. Graduate students should be aware of the following when repeating courses:

  • Only one course with a grade of C+, C, or C- will count toward a graduate (non-doctoral) degree program. Graduate students do not receive credit toward their degree or certificate for courses in which subsequent C+, C, or C- grades are earned.
  • The number of F grades used to determine academic disciplinary actions includes repeated course grades (see policy on Unsatisfactory Academic Standing).
  • Graduate (master’s or certificate) students must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) to receive approval for graduation.
  • Some programs, particularly at the master’s level, may have additional grade requirements for repeated courses—for example, stricter requirements for internship courses. Students should refer to the program page in the Academic Catalog or the program handbook (where applicable) for more information on program-specific course or grading policies.

Please note that a student may be eligible to receive federal financial aid (Title IV funds) if it is the first time that s/he is repeating the course.