Academic & Student Conduct Policies


The purpose of the School of Education’s Academic and Student Conduct policies is to promote and protect the rights, welfare, intellectual integrity, safety, property, and health of all members of the academic community, as well as to promote the orderly operation of the School and to safeguard its property and facilities.

These policies are intended to enhance free exchange of ideas in an academic setting and are to be construed with that interest in mind. They are based on the principle that each student assumes individual responsibility to abide by them. They pertain to any person who is currently enrolled in a School of Education course or program, or who has completed degree or certificate requirements and is awaiting graduation. These policies apply to misconduct committed on University premises or during School of Education related or sponsored activities off School premises.

The School of Education reserves the right to institute disciplinary action whether or not the offense results or may result in action by a civil or criminal court. The School of Education also reserves the right to dismiss at any time a student whose academic standing or general conduct is considered unsatisfactory. Students who have been dismissed for any reason are permanently barred from matriculating in another credit-bearing or non-credit course or program in the School of Education.

All records of academic and student conduct cases, and all supporting documentation, shall be maintained in accordance with University policy and state and federal laws concerning maintenance and disclosure of student records.

Academic Misconduct Policy

Academic Misconduct Policy Form

Student Conduct Policy (JHU Student Conduct Code)